Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Never thought this day would come!

Today was a tough day in the life of a Farmer...Miss Medicine, a staple of our farm, was loaded on the trailer this morning and taken to Knightstown. Never thought we would get to this point. Miss Medicine was one of the first heifers Chris had (even before me). she had a great temperament and loved the life of a show cow. She was truly more of a pet than a cow. She loaded easily and seemed to understand the order of events for the day. We knew this would be tough for Chris, but I never thought it would affect me...Guess what, it did! We have several generations, daughter and granddaughter (soon to be great-granddaughter) left on the farm. She will long be remember as the cow that put us on the show circuit. We love her and will miss her, but God has again blessed us with many more Miss Medicine's to come.


Mindy Pfohl said...

So sorry for the rough day today! Glad to see more FFC bloggers! :) Look forward to checking in! -Mindy

Sue said...

Hope you are ALL doing well with this! Losing a pet is never easy, be it a dog, cat or show cow.

Glad to see you got bit by the "blogging bug"!