Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a great Day to be Alive!

Sometimes I know I take much in life for granted...great family, fabulous friends, good job, and a wonderful church to attend. Farmland Friends is the church home I have longed for since I left college and the security of being on a Christian campus. Relationships came easy to my college friends; same age, same interests, and same schedule. The piece of Pastor Kris' sermon that touched me was making sure we have relationships beyond the walls of the church. My growth group has almost become my security blanket. I have grown to love these people more than I thought I ever could. Part of this group I have known for awhile, but not on this level. I remember being fearful of such a close group, I wasn't sure I was ready to expose myself emotionally, but God was ready for me to do it. As I move through this summer, I hope to build stronger relationships in Christ beyond my small group. God knew I needed this sermon to move me outside my comfort zone.

In Him,


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Milah said...

We are so glad you and Chris are part of our Growth Group. Who knew ten years ago that this would happen?? God Did! We love doing life with you and we look forward to finding out what God has in store for our group and our community.