Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Greetings

Hello Everyone...Today was an amazing day, beautiful weather...sure felt like spring. I wish it was here to stay, but I think it is on it's way out, at least for a few days. I was able to hang laundry on the line... so definitely a good day. I hope everyone is doing well and over the winter blues. I am on the final weekend of spring break...didn't accomplish everything I had hoped for, but the toy closet has been purged. (To the kids dismay, of course) So much to do, so little time... guess I should get those clothes off the line! (Yes it is 10:17pm, forgot those clothes) See you soon!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Birthday!

Let me start by saying turning 29 sure is hard to take. 30 is just around the corner now! (HAHAHA...If you believe that I have some great property in FL I will sell you!)

  • My day started with Chris actually remembering and wishing me a happy b-day as he left for work.

  • Then the music teacher and students sang Happy B-day to me during our morning gathering.

  • Next I got some great cards and heart felt wishes from my kids and staff.

  • Upon coming home at 4:30 (although i was shooting for 3:30), There were 2 cards and 2 packs of gummy bears (my favorite candy) sitting with two very anxious kiddos.

  • We all went out to eat Mexican for dinner (again one of my favorites).

  • After dinner, we came home, Chris let me grab my book and take a hot bath, while he took the kids outside and he cleaned my car. Armor all and everything! PEACE and quiet...

What else could I have asked for? I did have to do alot of prompting on the car thing, but prompts are OK right?

God has blessed me with and amazing family. I am so very grateful!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

School Year

Hello everyone! I have missed blogging and will try to have more time to do it. I am learning the ropes so far as far as my new job! I am still learning how to manage home and school! HA! I wasn't so good at the home thing to begin with...(inside chores are not thing) I have already figured out Friday will be the night I can get the most work done...Everyone else jets! Although I am exhausted by then too... I have learned alot about work ethic parents raised kids who are not afraid of hard work, but I know not all people are workers... Also before I sign off with all the randomness...I am joining Emily and writing a book. The craziest things happen in schools...Odd things kids say...and wierd things teachers want! How about 12 sharpie markers...Sorry no $...(obviously a story with that) Have a great day...until next time...God Bless!