Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Birthday!

Let me start by saying turning 29 sure is hard to take. 30 is just around the corner now! (HAHAHA...If you believe that I have some great property in FL I will sell you!)

  • My day started with Chris actually remembering and wishing me a happy b-day as he left for work.

  • Then the music teacher and students sang Happy B-day to me during our morning gathering.

  • Next I got some great cards and heart felt wishes from my kids and staff.

  • Upon coming home at 4:30 (although i was shooting for 3:30), There were 2 cards and 2 packs of gummy bears (my favorite candy) sitting with two very anxious kiddos.

  • We all went out to eat Mexican for dinner (again one of my favorites).

  • After dinner, we came home, Chris let me grab my book and take a hot bath, while he took the kids outside and he cleaned my car. Armor all and everything! PEACE and quiet...

What else could I have asked for? I did have to do alot of prompting on the car thing, but prompts are OK right?

God has blessed me with and amazing family. I am so very grateful!


Mindy Pfohl said...

Well, happy belated birthday my dear! That is awesome! Sounds great! I gotcha on the 29.. I hit it this year too... ug! 30... it won't come right? Don't the numbers start going backwards now?


Milah said...

Happy Birthday Sheila!

That Chris....he's a keeper. Glad you had a good one!

Hugs, Milah

Sue said...

Happy belated birthday, Sheila!

And no, Mindy honey, the numbers don't start going backwards. I got news for you younguns...your birthdays will start coming at a fast and furious pace! But don't complain. Think of the alternative!!! LOL

Hobbs Family said...

Mindy I am really 36...I just look good for my age! HAHAHAHA I didn't get married until 26, First child at 28 second at 32. Now all I have to look forward to is lying about my age! Have a great Day!