Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

School Year

Hello everyone! I have missed blogging and will try to have more time to do it. I am learning the ropes so far as far as my new job! I am still learning how to manage home and school! HA! I wasn't so good at the home thing to begin with...(inside chores are not thing) I have already figured out Friday will be the night I can get the most work done...Everyone else jets! Although I am exhausted by then too... I have learned alot about work ethic parents raised kids who are not afraid of hard work, but I know not all people are workers... Also before I sign off with all the randomness...I am joining Emily and writing a book. The craziest things happen in schools...Odd things kids say...and wierd things teachers want! How about 12 sharpie markers...Sorry no $...(obviously a story with that) Have a great day...until next time...God Bless!

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Milah said...

I've missed your blog but I understand the responsibilities you have. Honestly, don't feel bad if you get outside help for cleaning the house and such. That will free up more time with the kids. Imagine a saturday with the kids and no house cleaning! Almost Heaven!