Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How We Spent Our Weekend!

2008 Cambridge City Rookie League All-Stars
# 56 Phillip Hobbs

"Hey Batter, Batter!"

He hit a hard line drive!

(Too bad it was the best catch the short stop had the entire tournament!)

Man what do I do now?

(By the way the white legs next to the dug out is Chris in shorts!

That was our strategy...blind the batter!)

Nothing will get by this kid! Ha ha!

(He actually asked to play the hottest position on the field!)

This was a great weekend to be a Mommy! There is nothing like watching your kid love what they do. Phillip loved getting the bats as much as he did playing!


Audra said...

Hey girlie!! I saw your question on Emily's page about Holiday World. I feel that it would be great place for them. The water park has VERY child friendly play areas. These are areas where the child and parent can lay together. The actual park seemed very kid friendly as well. We didn't see the whole park, we only rode two rides and then we were zonked! ha However, from the road we were able to see one whole area for children around Hattie's size. Also, we saw a lot of families with children between the ages of 3 to 10, so I think you'll be just fine! If you end up going, just a word of advice - Do the water park first and the theme park second. That's how Emily and I did it and it worked out great. We didn't have rides for either parks, where people who did it the other way waited for up to an hour for some rides!

Hobbs Family said...

Thanks Audra! We are going to try to check it out! I will do some internet research and try to set a day! I may be in touch! Have a great weekend!

Emily said...

what audra said hehe! and why are chris's legs still so white? did we give up on the tanning bed?

Hobbs Family said...

Emily...could you work on him for me! He doesn't get his legs have to see daylight to get sun. ( a few days in the tanning bed don't get it!) I am working on him putting shorts on when he gets home from work.