Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am going to post some pictures from vacation with the Taylors and Brannons!
I will write more later! What an amazing weekend!
Before the Dixie Stampede!

Riding the sheep at Putt-Putt!


Mindy Pfohl said...

Looks like a great time! -Mindy

Milah said...

I'm glad you guys got to go down there this year. The Taylors make you feel so welcome you don't want to leave. The Tennessee mountains is one of the most relaxing places on this earth. Ain't that right Jim?

Nice family pictures...and great memories!!

Sue said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip! Wasn't that view spectacular?

I love your new "family photo".

We missed you all.

Happy Belated Birthday to Hattie!