Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My second interview was today and was a little intimidating. I interviewed with two teacher teams and they asked all the questions. It went amazingly well. I hope to know something at the beginning of next week. I am very excited about the potential change for me.

Tomorrow, the Hobbs, Brannons, and Taylors (part of them are already there) are heading for TN. I am so excited to get away for a long weekend! We are blessed to have such great friends. The kids will drive me crazy tomorrow..."when are we leaving, how much longer, I'm hungry, I've got to potty". YET...I am so excited to take them on this trip, hopefully they will nap alot! What did we do before DVD players in the car?

We found out this week, Phillip is an official Rookie League All-Star. Which means practices through the week and weekend tourneys. He was so excited, he actually got a real uniform, belt and all! I am so exicted for him, but am tired and sun burnt just thinking about the amount of time we will be spending at random ball parks!

I think I have ADD today...there is no fluency to this blog. Guess I should head to bed! Until Tuesday... have a great holiday weekend!


Sue said...

Have a GREAT time in the mountains!

Prepare to be amazed...

Milah said...

Have fun ye all! If you see Dolly tell her I said "Howdy"!

Emily said...

I hope things are going well! I also hope that Chris wears some sunblock. I would hate for him to start blistering hehe!