Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm back!

Hello fellow bloggers and's nice to be back...I've missed you!

Last week was a crazy week. The Fayette County Free Fair was packed full of excitement and shows, shows, shows. Monday morning was the goat show, Monday afternoon-sheep, Tuesday-swine, and Wednesday- cattle. Phillip was a second year mini 4-H member in each project. Hattie got to show in PeeWee showmanship in each species as well... except cattle. She and Daddy showed together in old-timers showmanship and won. The judge deposited $32 in her pocket. It was packed full and the kids had a blast.

It was exciting to be a parent of a child who does this because they love it and not because we do. Phillip loves all parts of the animals down to cleaning the barn. I am so glad we are able to raise our children on a farm. It is so important to me that our children have a strong work ethic. I know instilling this is the responsibility of the parent.

I am hopeful that the 4-H program will move children and families back in this direction.

By the way...I can't get pictures to load...You can bet I have pictures of all of these and will post them soon!

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Milah said...

It was good to see you Sunday. I'm glad the kids had a memorable experience at the fair. And I take it there were no trips to the ER this year??? I hope not!
I haven't been able to upload pictures tonight either, another bug I suppose.