Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Friday, June 6, 2008

10 years later!

Today Chris and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary. I will be sending this letter out to friends and family who no longer live around us! I hope you enjoy!

Dear Family and Friends,
Do you remember where you were 10 years ago, June 6th? We remember… you and many others were celebrating our wedding day! We have heard since then, there were bets taken how long we would last… I am so excited to share with you that with God’s Grace and lot of prayer, we are still happily married with two beautiful children.
We have decided to do a 10th Anniversary letter to update you on our lives. We are excited about the direction our lives have taken in the last ten years. We have purchased an 80 acre farm in Wayne County. Our property line is I-70. We are approximately 5 miles from the Cambridge City exit.
We have moved to a wonderful “neighborhood” and feel as though we have been here for years. We are attending an amazing church in Farmland, IN. (Yes that’s really the name of the town.) It is called Farmland Friends Church. It is amazing and offers so much for each of us. The kids attend Kids Zone while we are in church. It is a contemporary service and you truly come as you are! We also attend a Growth Group on Sunday evenings in someone’s home.
I am still teaching at Fairview Elementary. I have K-3rd grade students with special needs. I have left coaching to devote more time to my own family. I have finished my Master’s degree in Special Education and take a test June 14th to get my principal’s license. By next May, I hope to have a Special Education Director’s License as well. Currently I am looking at administrative prospects, but wherever God puts me I will be happy.
Chris began working for the Wayne County Highway Department in Nov. of 2006. This job has given him more time to farm and more money to do it! We all know Chris and know how much he loves his cows, he continues to add to the herd and we seem to be at an all time high. He sold several show calves last fall and he will stay busy breeding, clipping, and grooming this summer. He and the kids love doing the farm chores together everyday.
Speaking of farm chores, Phillip (with Hattie’s help, yea right?!) is responsible for 23 hens, 3 roosters, 4 goats: Salt, Pepper, Romie, and Jill (one new baby Jackie), his 4-H calf, dogs, and rabbits. When Phillip goes to Mamaw and Papaw’s (McQuinley) he helps take care of his 4-H sheep. Papaw and Mamaw gave him baby chicks for his fourth birthday…he sold that round and has now purchased more…to be laying any day! That was the gift that keeps on giving! If you ever need farm fresh brown eggs, Phillip sells them to make his own money! We have had to buy him very little, when the hens are laying! He spends his own money.
Phillip just celebrated his 7th birthday. He will begin second grade in the fall. He is playing Rookie League (coaches pitch) this spring in Cambridge City Youth League. He says he will be an Eagle one day. (He wants everyone to know where he will attend school) He is so excited. This child loves Baseball and 4-H.
“Miss Thing” came into our lives July 5th, 2005 weighing in at 8 lbs and 20 3/4 in. long. Her name is Hattie Marae Hobbs. She will turn 3 next month and has truly made our lives complete. She keeps us on our toes to say the least. She loves to do “girly” stuff, but is a real tom-boy at heart. She follows her brother everywhere and is amazing to watch! Shanna is her everything. She reminds us so much of Shanna at that age.
The signs of spring have set on the Hobbs farm (A.K.A. Shawnee Creek Cattle Company ). The farm is green and Daddy has his crops in the ground. We hope if you pass through on I-70, you will stop by Exit 135 Cambridge City and stay for a spell. We always have enough food for a few more and if not we can always make it. Remember to bring your swimming suit, to go swimming or sit in the hot tub (imagine: from renters to home owners with a spa house and a pool). Life is grand and always changing at the Hobbs’ house.

Love to all!
Chris, Sheila, Phillip and Hattie Hobbs

Please feel free to stop by on the spur of the moment! We love the company! Just don’t expect a clean house, because we would all rather be outside than inside cleaning! HAHA!

Family tidbits: Mom and Dad (Ted and Joy) are both retired from their “real” jobs; Chris’s Dad, David, passed away 6 years ago suddenly; Mimi (Marilyn) is a noon-aide at Fayette Central school and living in a small house in Bentonville; Shanna is married to a wonderful man named Josh Smith; Phillip will be showing at the Fayette County Fair in July/Aug; Grandma Helen left to be with God in Oct.;
As a result of the Tidbits, our family grows closer and closer….


Sue said...

Happy 10th!!!
Jim and I will be celebrating our 10th this year also.

1998 was a VERY good year, huh?

Mindy Pfohl said...

Happy 10th! yeah!!! We celebrate our 6th on the 8th... whew that was almost confusing! :) Congrats!

Milah said...

I knew you would make it! Congratulations!