Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Sorry Milah it took so long between blogs. LOL. This past week was one spent focusing on the kids; baseball, swimming, and hanging out at the park. We are enjoying the summer weather. Just wish I could convince my 3 year old little girls do where shirts outside even when it is hot! I hope everyone noticed in my list of activities, it did not include any dishes, cleaning, or laundry. I must try to catch up on my house this week or I may go crazy! What a mess....Well why am I sitting here! I better get the kids busy! hehehe Until later...(in Hattie's words..) Peace Out!


Milah said...

Oh Sheila....break out the paper plates and let the dishes go another day.

It sounds like Hattie is already helping you cut back on laundry.

I say, enjoy your summer!

Mindy Pfohl said...

Saving on laundry is always good! I also agree with Milah, bring on the paper plates!!! :) My dishes are awful and my laundry is even worse! Right there with you! :)