Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

In Need of Parenting Advice

Hello all, I need some advice from the parents out there. Phillip can't stand change. (maybe I should make him read Pastor Kris's blog LOL) I want to get him involved in things outside of the house. Today they had Mini-4-H day camp. He hid in his bedroom hoping I would forget he was there just so he wouldn't have to go. He went last year and had a great time. I wish I could get him to do things with his friends without a huge crying fit or making himself sick. The Golay has a program 2 days a week for 4 hours a day (games, crafts, and swimming), and all his buddies go. I would love him to be involved. I will accept any advice on how to get him to open up to change. Thanks~


Milah said...

I see a farm boy who loves to spend time at home. Not many families can say that about their kids. When my son was little he would rather hang out on the farm than to play games and make crafts at the Golay Center.

The best parenting advice I ever got was to "pick and choose my fights wisely". If you want to see him change...introduce a new vegetable at supper tonight. Smile!

Mindy Pfohl said...

I am sorry I do not have any advice. The most I can offer is what we do with Abby in medical situations. We often encourage her to sit down and talk about why she is nervous about going or doing something and then together, we talk about the things that would make us happy about going or that would help us if we go. Now, my Joey does that and if you can figure out how to make a 2 year old want to go some where and be a apart... LET ME KNOW! :) I pray that you will be able to figure something out helpful! Sorry I'm not a big help. -Mindy