Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My oh My!

Early this summer Chris and I bought tickets to the country summer concert series at Verizon. Shanna and Josh were going with us to all of them, but...Shanna has to work tonight, so we had two extra tickets. Because it was on a Thursday, noone was able to go on such late notice, so Chris and I have decided the kids will go to this one...Brad Paisley (and some other people). We thought this would be a safe one for them to see. Should prove to be an interesting night. I will let you know! When we bought the tickets, we said 5 date nights for sure this summer...Oh well, we still have 4. I am looking so forward to it! Phillip is already asking a million questions. We will have so much fun, but good thing Chris took the day off tomorrow!


Sue said...

Have a great time. Tell the kids to "rock out"!!!

Milah said...

Yeah baby!!! Bring those kids up right! Country music all the way!
Oh....but no Hank Williams Jr. or Kid Rock! Gotta draw the line somewhere :)

Emily said...

i hope you guys have a fun time! i'm sure the kids will either be up all night with excitement or crash and burn before it's even over!