Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Last Day of School! WOO HOO!

I never know who is more excited for the last day of school, the kids or the teachers. It has been an abnormally tough school year: broken foot, Phillip's sinus/adenoids surgery, Losing Grandma and Uncle Jimmy, and the "incident". Despite all these things, as I reflect back over the school year, I think about how far my kiddos came in 180 days. It is truly amazing to watch them grow. I love them so much and even on the tough days they know just what to do. (Hug, smile, or even just sitting quietly). I often worry about these little ones during the summer. I pray they are fed and safe in their homes. One of my students, who is Autistic, came up and bear hugged me before he left with his Mom. I was shocked and it brought tears to my eyes. He rarely wants to be touched, let alone hugged and he initiated the hug...HE HUGGED ME! As God moves me through life he so often keeps things in perspective. The last student I saw in the 2007-2008 was my hugger. Pastor Kris spoke of building relationships and finding true joy this Sunday, if this is the last student I see, talk about true joy provided by God!

Happy Day!

P.S. Chris has all his crops in the ground as of 9:30 pm. That always make for a happier home! hehehehe


Sue said...

I am so glad that your school year ended on a HAPPY note, after all you went through this year! Now, I envy you, getting the summer "off", so to speak. ENJOY!!! You earned and deserve it!
Glad to hear all the crops are out, too!

Mindy Pfohl said...

Thank you for sharing that story! How precious! I just love hearing things like that! Being a mom of two with special needs, it is just awesome to watch how much kids with these needs KNOW what is going on around them... I'm so glad that God gave you that moment!