Family Photos!

Family Photos!

Friday, June 27, 2008

We survived!

We had a blast. Phillip lasted the entire night until we got to the car. Hattie konked out about halfway through Brad Paisley. They danced and danced on the shoulder of whoever would hold them! I will download pics later. I have a video of them dancing if I can figure that out. It was very tame and a perfect concert for them to go to! Kris, you would have fit in in your Gunslinger get-up!

On a side note, I peeked through the crowd and saw one of my former basketball players, Sarah Kitchen. She is now doing her residency to become a Dr. I was so excited. Phillip couldn't hardly stand himself. Kitch was an amazing kid and now she will be a doctor. (Right now she is doing an OBGYN rotation, she said she has seen enough ........ to last a lifetime!) Makes all those trips to Logansport on a bus well worth it!


Kris Sorensen said...

I have several goals in life ... and one of them is to never attend a country music concert.

However, I have been watching Nashville Star again this season... I know, I know, my hypocrisy runs deep :-)

Milah said...

It must be really rewarding to see former students and basketball players succeed!

I want you to think about getting the kids some guitar lessons, no, make that drum lessons! Ha!

Emily said...

i like pastor kris's goals in life. that's funny. glad you guys had a good time!

Hobbs Family said...

Kris, we have a few tickets left, we can offer you a support group to blow that goal of yours! You can't where those pearlized buttons tho ;) I have to maintain my image!